How to set up a contract for social media marketing




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  1. Couldnt you just get the free trial, download 3 versions of contracts matching the 3 packages you offer, and then never have to use lawdepot ever again?????

  2. greg yrew says:

    great content bro. thanks so much we really appreciate this

  3. Connor M says:

    Hey thanks for the guidance man! I'm an 18 year old kid over in Alberta hoping to become more financially independent and your videos are helping a ton

  4. stephen jang says:

    what if I live in asia

  5. 65 Drums says:

    DANG this is useful

  6. Houston says:

    Do you have to create a company to get clients, create contracts, and overall make money with social media marketing? Sorry if this is a stupid question, just curious.

  7. Are you on the iPad Pro? Or whatever the big one is?

  8. Vanic 0_o says:

    Thank you for making these videos, they help a lot!!

  9. Jokestrap says:

    Thanks for the great info! Very useful!

  10. Thanks for the video man! Really helpful!

  11. K34ny says:

    These videos are helping me start up my business so much, thank you!

  12. Jan Medina says:

    Thanks for the info mate!

  13. CarrionSmile says:

    Not to sound like a judgmental asshole, but you seemed really stifled and uncomfortable. At least on video. Ya gotta loosen up, dude. I feel like you're juuuuuust starting to reach that point, just not quite there yet.

  14. The one thing I was saying I needed to get on today… Contracts! Glad I have subscribed and watched some inside work and behind the scenes. It has been helping. Appreciate it! Let's link up man! My facebook >>>

  15. Jon Focker says:

    after a certain point in time couldn't clients drop you once everything is set up and running? like after a year or two their business is self generating.

  16. Hello,

    Can I use this website to create legal agreement when starting a venture?


  17. Mrs. G says:

    Tommy Hilfiger

  18. That's great content man. But question have regarding the business is that whenever you're going from door to door, or eventually getting the follow up meeting, what material do you put in your folder, or binder besides the contract?

  19. Buck Studios says:

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    We are a Digital Creative Design Agency based in the U.K. always happy to help!

  20. Crafty Muso says:

    Which industry have you been finding the most success with?

  21. Kar Yung Tom says:

    Hayden, which camera are you using to make these?

  22. great video thank you

  23. Hey Hayden could you possibly create a video on describing how to create websites or social media channels for clients?
    For example, do you just create a email address for their business, use that email to create the website and social media pages. Then, in case they cancel you can just pass on the email and password to them. Or do you just use your own email and facebook to create websites and pages? It is confusing me and I am sure others as well. It would be very helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Again I'm loving your channel! Very easy to connect with. I've got my business "idea" down. What steps did you take to put together your "products". Do you have different spend options with different perks to each product or are you using one flat fee? I'm looking to create a subscription based agency with different levels.

    You should make a video but it is your pitch of you product. Like a promotional video. Act as if we are the customer and you're pitching us your agency.

    Just an idea;) would be very helpful!

    I'm just stuck on how much to charge and what I should be putting in each level.

  25. thanks brother, you know your shit and it's really helpful!! Great info thanks

  26. Awesome as usual. Thanks for the help. keep up the great work.

  27. King Richez says:

    Great info thanks

  28. This is great information

  29. CVisuals says:

    spot on again with the relatable content!

  30. Great info! What did you use to record this tutorial? Thanks again for the great content!

  31. Andy T says:

    So glad you have a podcast! Definitely going to sub

  32. Yuji Furuya says:

    Guys, how much do you think is important to pick a niche?

  33. EDGARRR SAN says:

    Thank you so much bro you are a life saver I'm on my way to closing my first potential client for $997 & I needed to know how to make a contract so thanks again !

  34. EDGARRR SAN says:

    Thank you so much bro you are a life saver I'm on my way to closing my first potential client for $997 & I needed to know how to make a contract so thanks again !

  35. Dre_ _ says:

    Awesome. Just looked this up, it's $29 a month for us here in Australia.

  36. Mark Priest says:

    Hey Hayden, I'd love to watch a video of you doing a facebook ad campaign for a client. All the example on youtube are theory and not practical. I feel this is the hardest part of the Social Media Management so would be good to see.

  37. Curtis Allen says:

    what about if they start at basic package and then move up, do i need another contract??

  38. Again another very high value video. Thank you a lot man!

  39. Alexis Nunez says:

    Thanks for the help man ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

  40. thanks a lot, this video was really helpful!

  41. Hi sir , what hosting do you use for your website!

  42. I'm tending to take the course but I'm not sure if it's worth it. any advice?

  43. Dude awesome website. thanks for the info!

  44. Carlos H says:

    thank you man very informative

  45. jakster says:

    awesome video! i just listened to your podcast in souncloud and really liked to, much value from you ๐Ÿ™‚ gonna keep listening to them

  46. Tim Vakulich says:

    this really helped me make more vids on other info we need

  47. B. C. Sharpe says:

    Your an inspiration to me. You got the life I wanna live

  48. Captain M says:

    get a new intro lol that one is so bland


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